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Motivate Me!

Welcome! Motivate Me! is an interactive podcast where the goal is to interview guests who have incorporated a passion into their lives in order for the listening audience to go out and do the same. Life gets busy and people get tired, but our goal is to help you live a life that is filled with more excitement, more meaning… more passion!

Lynette Renda, podcast host, writer, and keynote speaker.

Motivate Me! with Lynette Renda

Podcasts, Show Notes, Blogs

MM531- Season 3 Finale! 50 States in 90 Days with Lynette Renda – Motivate Me!
Enjoy the Season 3 Finale of the Motivate Me with Lynette Renda podcast and YouTube show featuring Lynette Renda, Chelsea[...]
MM530 – MoMe! Crew Returns Home on Show’s One-Year Anniversary! – Audio Journal MM290
Live from Home on the show's one-year anniversary! Lynette celebrates being back at the Jersey Shore with previous Girl Scout[...]
MM529 – Day 90 NY – Making Music and Music Recordings with Ben Kane
The last interview on the Motivate Me! crew's 50 states in 90 days tour is with Grammy winner Ben Kane[...]

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Motivate Me!, Lynette Renda

Let Lynette Renda and 100 of her guests from the podcast Motivate Me! motivate you into living a life that is more exciting, more meaningful. One in which you incorporate a passion that makes you WANT to wake up in the morning. Read the histories of her guests, learn about the tools and techniques they utilized, and then get instruction on how to Envision, Explore, and Execute plans of your own.

Paperback, 244 Pages​

Price: $14.99

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