Back From Flat

Are you feeling FLAT?

After working with an editor and posting all of the 50 States in 90 Days’ Tour interviews and episodes, Lynette needed a break. In that time, her daughter got married and Lynette and John helped Mackenzie and her new husband, Michael, drive from New Jersey to California to build a new life.

Then, her husband John’s job gave them the opportunity to spend a month in the United Arab Emirates with the possibility of returning for three years. In the meantime, she was preparing their home for sale and packing up their life. The decision was made to take a different job in Tennessee, so the moving and all that entails ensued.

Shortly after getting settled in their new home, the pandemic hit and her daughter and son-in-law came to Tennessee to quarantine with them. Many beautiful moments happened during this time: they spent days on the Tennessee river, they made many meals, watched many movies, drank all the coffee, and the moment that was most special was when after working with a fertility specialist, Mackenzie and Michael went back to Los Angeles with a baby on the way.

All to say, Lynette found herself depleted.

She didn’t know where to take Motivate Me! or why.

It was on the 31-hour drive out to California for Christmas that she began to feel a shift. John, a man of the gentle variety, gave her some tough love that stirred the still smoldering embers within her. And in California, her son-in-law leaned inter her more, and then her daughter.

She was moved by their concern and felt horrible that she wasn’t doing anything to help herself. She was mentally blank. She felt lazy. She was allowing the chaos of the world to distract and consume her. She came back from California on a mission to aggressively seek herself again. To start from scratch.

She was on a mission to come back from flat.

In this program she shares exactly how she did that. Follow her on Instagram and on her Facebook business page to take the same steps she did to get your unique results. Join her private Facebook group: Motivate Me! Support Group to chat with Lynette directly and to be a part of their Me! Time, a 4-part Zoom workshop series.

Maybe you need to reclaim your passion… maybe you need to discover one!?

Lynette understands that there is a lot of heavy around, a lot of distractions; a lot of ways to lose ourselves and our direction. A lot of ways to lose those things that make us feel alive! She wants to help you reclaim your passion, she wants to do it together.

Please share your story with us. Where do you need to go from here to get to where you want to be? Lynette is here for it!