Virtual Workshops

The goal of Motivate Me! Virtual Workshops: To inspire personal discoveries that enhance engagement in life and career.

The Me! Time experience is not just another webinar. These virtual workshops are led by certified professional coach and podcast host, Lynette Renda, are designed to be immersive, attendee-driven collaborations that empower participants. They are team-building, networking opportunities created to inspire personal and professional growth. Lynette will take your team members on a journey through topics such as: Reclaiming Your Passion, Making Yourself a Priority, Discovering Your Purpose, and Unleashing Your Creativity. In her role as “guide on the side,” Lynette aids participants in making personal discoveries that shift energy and perspective, discoveries that enhance engagement in life and career.   

To attend a general workshop, please join our private Facebook Group at Motivate Me! Support Group to build a customized experience, please reach out to our team at