#MOTIVATEme, America! Road Trip 2016

Road Trip Details

What is Motivate Me! the Podcast?

  • Featured on iTunes’ Popular Podcasts and What’s Hot lists
  • Over 180 episodes, all 50 states and 87 countries, over 155,000 downloads – in eight months
  • Focus: interview people who have incorporated a passion into their lives in order for listeners to do the same

What is #MOTIVATEme, America! the Road Trip?

  • 50 states in 90 days – podcast interviews, videos, documentary footage
  • Three multigenerational woman who have never met in person take to the road to motivate America
  • “Kick off” interview: Dan Carpenter, kicker of the Buffalo Bills

Why be on the Show?

  • Share your passion with others
  • Evergreen exposure – 24 hours a day/seven days a week/for decades
  • Be inspirational!

Meet The Crew

Lynette Renda Podcast Host

Lynette Renda, MFA is the podcast host of Motivate Me! She has a degree in English and Secondary Education, as well as a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She spent thirteen years encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones through her Jersey Shore karaoke business, twelve years doing the same as a high school English, writing, and speaking teacher, and now as a podcast host whose focus is on helping people create a life that excites and fulfills them. She is also a professional member of the National Speakers Association. She has been married for twenty-eight years to an amazing man, and has a special relationship with her adult daughter. Lynette is an enthusiastic and energetic powerhouse.

Cassie Hunter Film Guru

Cassie Hunter earned a degree in film production from the University of New Orleans. She is a New Orleans and Los Angeles based cinematographer and photographer. She writes, shoots, and produces content ranging from fashion photography to music videos to feature length films. Cassie has had her work shown in film festivals, and her resume includes a litany of experience, including shooting footage for two documentaries. Cassie prefers to be behind the camera where she can put to best use her observant eye.

Chelsea Rathie Social Media

Chelsea Rathie is a social-marketing specialist for Klemmer and Associates. She is also an exercise instructor, a coach for a nutritional cleansing program, and soon to be a certified life coach. Chelsea hails from Billings, Montana but is temporarily living in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a goal-setter and an achiever whose role on this journey is to market, track guest show waivers, and be the keeper of the itinerary, as well as to assist where needed. Chelsea thrives on positivity – creating it and promoting it.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” ~Confucius

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