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Lynette Renda MotivateMe Podcast

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Motivate Me!

Welcome! Motivate Me! is an interactive podcast where the goal is to interview guests who have incorporated a passion into their lives in order for the listening audience to go out and do the same. Life gets busy and people get tired, but our goal is to help you live a life that is filled with more excitement, more meaning… more passion!

Our philosophy is: Envision. Explore. Execute. We believe that in order to take action, people must first Envision having this passion in their lives. They must Explore what it would take to do it. And, ultimately, they must follow through and Execute a plan. Too often, as we age, we forget or abandon our dreams and loves. Motivate Me! will not only remind you of these, this show will give you permission, step-by-step advice, and tools to do it.

If you are not sure what your passion is, jump on board and let us remind you, because you can live a passion-filled life, a life designed by you.

There is no talking about it on Motivate Me! We are doers. And guests of the show, as well as our listening audience, are “Motivators” that you can connect with in our private Facebook group: Motivate Me! with Lynette Renda – Ultimate Support System.

Prior guests include an insurance salesman whose true love is sailboats, a teacher who became a Flamenco dancer at thirty, a nuclear power plant employee whose passion for muscle cars opened up for him a whole new life after an unexpected divorce. Some of our guests take leaps away from their careers and into their passions full-time, but the majority, just incorporate a love for something that adds spark into their life.

Let’s get excited about life, again. If not… what are we doin’ here?Warmest wishes and gratitude,Lynette Renda and the Motivate Me! Team

Lynette Renda, podcast host, writer, and keynote speaker.

Motivate Me! with Lynette Renda

Podcasts, Show Notes, Blogs

MM305 – Day 5 PA- The Motivate Me! Crew, Pittsburgh Bound, Audio Journal MM206
Listen in to hear what it is like on the road in the Motivate Me! van for a podcaster and[...]
MM304- Day 5 PA- Using Art for Activism, with Suzanne Fellows
Suzanne Fellows, artist and activist, teaches us how a passion can become a project that can become a movement that[...]
MM303- Day5 PA- Making Art with Carol Siegel
Artist Carol Siegel discovered her passion for sculpting during her retirement years. You will not believe the beauty that is[...]

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Motivate Me!, Lynette Renda

Let Lynette Renda and 100 of her guests from the podcast Motivate Me! motivate you into living a life that is more exciting, more meaningful. One in which you incorporate a passion that makes you WANT to wake up in the morning. Read the histories of her guests, learn about the tools and techniques they utilized, and then get instruction on how to Envision, Explore, and Execute plans of your own.

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