We talk about so many great things here: about where you can get information that will help you discover a passion or goal, about the power of having the right materials, about universal materials we all need on our creative quest, and about how to acquire materials on a low budget – and who doesn’t want that?

MM – 553 – Get More Materials

Hello, everybody, and welcome to this week’s episode of Motivate Me!

It’s Me! Time here on Motivate Me! and we are working on coming back from flat.

Before we start, let’s get into the right headspace. Let’s engage in the idea that this is time where YOU are the priority. Let’s take two slow, deep breaths to get us centered. Just follow me.

Today’s focus is: Get More Materials

Episode 542 talks all about gathering the necessary materials – materials that will help rev your creative engine and reconnect you with your passion. If you haven’t listened to Episode 542, I think it’s a great idea, especially if you’re someone who’s in search of their passion or in search of a goal to achieve. Because in this stage of my process, I knew I was searching for something but I had no desires. So maybe Episode 542 can help you, too.

The general idea of gathering your materials in the first place was to kickstart your exploration process. It was to get you to play again, play with the materials that speak to you.

Now, I wonder when you reached out to gather materials, did you, like me, have some around your home that you could start to play with? Did you have a good idea where those materials were, and you went over and just picked them up again? I knew were mine were because I had a sense of guilt every time I saw them, because I knew I should be using them, and I wasn’t.

My materials are writerly things. I knew exactly where I kept my blank notebooks and favorite pencils, so I started this process by picking up one little, one-subject notebook. I grabbed one pencil. And that is how this began. Very quickly, though, I felt myself being pulled in many creative directions when I sat down to write: I wanted to collect notes on what I’d been reading, but I also had begun writing non-fiction and journaling. And I wanted to write down other writing or business ideas I was having so they didn’t distract me, so I would finish things I was currently working on.

All of this began to overwhelm my little notebook, so I went back into the cabinet and pulled out five more one-subject notebooks. I went back to the drawer and pulled out a black marker. I labeled each notebook by subject making sure to have one about my “50 States in 90 Days” book that I’m writing and one about this journey I am taking with you: “Coming Back from Flat.”

I had all the notebooks labeled and I was filling pages in each one, and you know what happened? So many ideas began to flow that I needed better organization, and I wanted to collect all of my ideas in one place because I know that this way they would have more weight. That they would have a better chance of materializing. So I went back into the cabinet.

This time, I pulled out a brand new, fat binder and a brand new package of dividers with tabs, it was like they had been there waiting for me. Then I grabbled a stack of lined paper, my colored markers, and my clipboard.

I labeled the tabs with the colorful markers and began ripping the pages from the notebooks and filing them into the binder – not caring that the notebook pages are smaller than the looseleaf ones. Then I put a stack of paper on the clipboard and I began to write.

If I needed to, I added a note to a page already started in the binder, or if I needed to, I’d start a new page on my clipboard. Everything got dated and everything got filed.

Before long, I ordered more looseleaf paper, a ten-pack of legal pads, some more pencils, and a few more books to read.

The more I used my materials, the more I needed them. Let me say that again: The more I used my materials, the more I needed them.

I started slowly with one one-subject notebook, but because I stayed organized, because I remained committed to the process of reconnecting with myself, because I gave my thoughts permission and space to expand, I paved the way for ideas to flow and I found the value in what I had to share. That’s when I realized that this whole time that is what I’d been looking for: my value.

The more materials you have to play with, the more you will create… if you commit to it. And the more you do anything, the more you build your skill, develop your talent, understand your purpose. Doing this is how we are able to impact the lives of others, which is what I believe we’re here to do, which is why it’s so important that you don’t hold yourself back from what you’re meant to create.

Before we go today, there are some universal materials that can help us all when we’re on this creative quest and I’m sure you’re not at all surprised that I made a list of these things for you to consider. As always, my lists are a smattering of ideas meant to help you get thinking about what would work best for you. A catalyst, if you will, because no one knows what you need better than you do. Sometimes we just need to be asked the right question or be exposed to the right thing.

So, I’m going to share this list with you, then I’m going to give you a bonus list of ideas that will help you acquire materials on a low budget.

First, here’s a list of materials we may not think about right out of the gate. It’s six ideas that will help to protect our physical and mental health when working creatively.

1. Diet (prepared meals or food delivery service to maintain energy, clarity, and overall health – planning is key!)

2. Exercise (gym equipment, outdoor spaces, indoor spaces, online program – schedule time to keep your body strong and healthy)

3. Meditation (meditation programs, prayer, music – whatever gives your mind a break and connects you to a higher power)

4. Personal Safety (safety gear, buddy system, support system – we have a friend who texts us when he goes out and comes back on his kayak – have a safety plan)

5. Pysical Well-being (use the proper equipment, stretch, be aware of your posture – take care of your physical self for the long game)

6. Physical Space (lighting, temperature, asthetics – it should be safe and inspirational. I currently have the blinds down, a sage and lavender candle lit, spa music playing, the light is low, there is a sleeping puppy on the chair next to me, and there’s a perfectly mixed iced coffee on the table. Because doing this with you is my passion, and I want to enjoy the process, all of it. So think about what you need to make what you’re doing enjoyable.)

OK, as promised, I have another list for you: 7 Ways to Acquire Materials on a Low Budget. (Even if you don’t have a low budget, who wants to waste money?)

1. Borrow from the Library

2. Borrow from a friend

3. Rent – maybe even split the rent with a friend

4. Barter or trade (think products and services)

5. Buy used

6. Post on social media what you’re in need of – don’t forget, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” You may be helping somebody by doing this; maybe it would make someone happy to see this item being used by someone who appreciates it?

7. Get a job some place where they have what you want, so you can get what you need for free or discounted – Examples: Want to be a travel writer? Become a stewardess. Have fitness goals? Work at a gym. Need craft supplies? Get a job at a craft store. Other tools and supplies, how about Home Depot or Lowes? Want flight lessons? Maybe you could volunteer at the school in exchange for flight hours?

Basically, get creative!

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I am going to leave you with some truth talk from me to you: All things needs replenishment: body, mind, soul… and materials. So, keep nourishing and nurturing your gifts, talents, and goals, and seek the materials that can best help you progress to the next level – even if you have to get creative about it! We don’t do excuses here at Motivate Me!, we do actions. You got this!   

Remember, you Motivate Me!

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