Come get schooled in feeling flat! See who has the key, learn easy techniques to reclaim your passion, and set the expectation that you will.

MM563 – Saying Goodbye to Season 4!

Hello, everybody, and welcome to this week’s episode of Motivate Me! Our final episode of Season 4!

It’s Me! Time here on Motivate Me! and we are working on coming back from flat.

Before we start, let’s get into the right headspace. Let’s engage in the idea that this is time where YOU are the priority. Let’s take two slow, deep breaths to get us centered. Just follow me.

Today’s focus is: Saying Goodbye to Season 4!

So what’s really crazy is that I sat down to write a journal entry reflecting back on this season of Motivate Me! and all my brain wanted to do was talk about where I’m headed, instead of where I’ve been.

I had to pause my journal entry to write out some goals on a separate sheet of paper because I was too excited and distracted. My goals are for the book I’ve been wanting to write about traveling the fifty states in ninety days interviewing people about passion. During that journal entry I got the idea to set a goal to have my first draft done by New Year’s Day.

I broke down the word count and it’s totally achievable.

As you know, I began to fall flat after completing our trip of traveling the fifty states in ninety days interviewing people about passion. First, I was flat because I wanted to write about the trip but I struggled to find my value, and next, it was the pandemic.

It was January 2021 when my family gave me the kind of tough love that makes you work hard to better yourself. And so, I began doing that. I utilized everything I’d learned in my personal study, in my coaching program, and in the almost 450 interviews I’d done over the seasons of Motivate Me! I dug in deep and I was able to get my head and heart back in the game. I was able to reclaim my passion – which brought me back here to you.

I’m going to share here the list of techniques that helped me. There’s an episode focused on each of these techniques here in Season 4. So if you would like details and examples of how to use them, you can check out the episode.

When looking at these steps, know that you can do them in the order I did or in an order of your design. You can do all, or some, of them. The goal is for you to determine what you need and just head in that direction.

I will say, if some of these seem out of your comfort zone or something you’ve never enjoyed, like reading or journaling, please just try it. When was the last time you read or wrote? My suggestions in the episodes of how to read or journal or stretch, etc. may be different from what you remember – or maybe you’re different these days?

OK, so here’s a list of each of the steps I took to reclaim my passion. There are 29 steps total, some are less time consuming than others, so don’t be overwhelmed by this list.  After incorporating these into my life, I was a new person. I feel like I sound like a commercial when I say this, but doing this changed me in only two weeks. Like, two weeks later I experienced euphoria! I was happy, I was excited – I had a clear direction! I had reclaimed my passion!

1. I made myself a priority

2. I took part in a fun 30-day challenge to start committing to something daily

3. I started stretching

4. I prepared mental and physical space where I could be a thinker

5. I rested my body and soul

6. I improved my diet

7. I meditated

8. I journaled with the intention to seek answers 

9. I gathered creative materials to start to build my creative ideas

10. I read books and was an open-minded reader

11. I collected and organized my creative ideas

12. I opened myself up to feedback from others

13. I emotionally detached myself from the lives of others

14. I refused to feel selfish

15. I unplugged from technology

16. I got my blood pumping

17. I experimented with my craft (which for me is writing)

18. I took a small action

19. I connected with my people

20. I got more creative materials

21. I allowed myself to be vulnerable

22. I said no to negativity

23. I bailed on perfectionism

24. I battled fear and nixed excuses

25. I aligned to my life purpose

26. I took a big action

27. I embraced collaboration

28. I learned how to access flow state

29. I created an action plan

Like I said, these topics are the focus areas of each of Season 4’s episodes. If you’re just joining us, I suggest you start from Episode 532, the “Welcome to Season 4!” Episode

For whatever reason, you’re feeling flat right now, or you’re searching for something right now, or you’re trying to bounce back from some sort of life experience right now. There is a reason you are here with me right now. Maybe it’s just because you know there’s more to life than your current circumstance. I have to believe that you’re right: there is happiness and excitement and challenge and meaningful experiences.

And if you feel you’re missing out of any of this, I’m here for you. I understand you. I have provided you with actionable steps to help you. I know where the power to change this is – it is all within you. You just need to claim responsibility for it!

I don’t believe that we’re here to just exist. I believe we’re here to love each other and we’re here to learn lessons.

Think bigger picture.

Wayne Dyer describes our time here as being directed like a game of chess by a higher power. That we are just pieces in a game being moved around to impact each other. Whether we are helping each other or hurting each other, we are learning from each other.

What would it hurt to approach life like a game? To challenge ourselves and to seek victory?

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I am going to leave you with some truth talk from me to you: I really appreciate you spending your valuable time with us. I have really enjoyed my time with you. I am sending you all the love. I am sending you all the wishes that you are able take a step back from your life in order to focus on you – to make you the priority.

I know that you have it in you to envision, explore, and execute the life of your dreams.

I’ll be rooting for you.  

Remember, you Motivate Me!

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