MM165- The Power of Past Life Regression with Kirstin Nussgruber

Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit with Kirstin Nussgruber


Quote of the Day: “Just keep swimming.” –Dori, Finding Nemo


Guest of the Day: Kirstine Nussgruber is a two-time breast cancer survivor, and the founder of Eat Holistic LLC where she teaches cancer warriors, survivors, caregivers, and those wishing to prevent becoming a cancer statistic in the first place. Kirstin is about beyond cancer nutritional and lifestyle modification.


Passion: Educating and guiding people on their path to help them see through the cloudiness caused by self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Her goal is to help people ignite their personal spark by teaching them how to adjust their lifestyles, nutritional habits, and to help them get in tune with themselves mentally and emotionally.

Challenges: “…I think it was more of overcoming my own resistance inside. Thinking, ‘I can do this, I’m worth it, I can start all over, I can do this…’” She was in her mid to late thirties questioning herself about whether she can start her life over again. “Can I, basically, start a whole new career, and then be successful at it, because I don’t have any credibility, I’m not that young, ‘How am I going to do this with a family?’ and so on and so forth. It was just… your own little ego, I guess, coming into your own way, and these little self-defeating thoughts coming up. But that wasn’t really the overriding factor, I think it was just later the language a little bit was a challenge for me, because although I speak German, I hadn’t studied in it, right?” So, finding the right translation for certain technical terms was a challenge for her. Also, coming to the United States and finding an organization that understood the credentials she had earned was difficult.

Learned About Self: “That if you put your mind to it, nothing can stop you. That it always is your own inner-self that you need to confront if you think you can’t do something. But you absolutely can do something if you put your mind to it. And that I am a continuous student. I am always learning new, and even though I have a certain qualification…you go right back to the drawing board, and it’s up to you to put yourself out there in the firing line. Especially in a subject like nutrition… there are so many controversies there. And it’s all good, it’s all good, but you need to really stay on top of it. And then, especially when it comes to beyond cancer nutrition because we have to be extra careful…” (Listen to this episode for a detailed description of what she means by this.)


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To become a teacher of life experience…

Envision: Picture yourself achieving the end goal – don’t just see it, feel it. Feel as if you are already in that position. Make a date with yourself daily to do this. Use an alarm and train yourself to achieve the end goal. This is a form of meditation and it’s a form of intention-setting. This can be done in under one minute.

Explore: Explore: “If you’re interested, you’ll do what is convenient, but if you’re committed you’ll do what it takes.”

Execute: Stop and make an intention, and then seeing what you need to do daily to make it happen. Do you need to change a habit, carve out time, restructure something in life, do you have to educate yourself, network, or research schools? Make the first step by setting an achievable goal on a specific date on the calendar. Make sure it is achievable.


Advice to Listeners: “The challenges in our lives, the crises in our lives…the difficult times in our lives, are there to actually push us forward, to catapult us forward, and they’re sent to us because the universe knows we can do it. So, if the universe knows we can do it, then, you know, who the hell are we to not believe in ourselves that we can actually do it, too? So turn it around. Of course, when you initially have that challenge, you need to, kind of, digest that first. And we do that… with the typical emotional reactions and that is absolutely needed and fine. But then we kind of come out of that, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes…” Make the intention to the universe: “I am open and I am ready to learn and receive.”


Motivational Go-Do!

Decide what the one thing is that you want to change about yourself right now. Whatever that is, big or small, is your true essence speaking to you.


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MM165, The Power of Past Life Regression with Kirstin Nussgruber

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