MM172– Get Motivated to get Past Binge-Eating with Dr. Glenn Livingston

Get Motivated to get Past Binge-Eating with Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD


Quote of the Day: “All you need to do to never binge again, is never binge again.” –Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD


Guest of the Day: Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD from New Hampshire. He is a psychologist who has a private practice and is published in many places, such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and more. He is also the CEO at International Coach Certification Alliance (ICCA).


Passion: To help himself and others get past binge-eating.

Challenges: Glenn’s challenges were that he was working with people who began to transition from the need of psychotherapy into the need of coaching. Much of what he coached people on was not in line with the school of thought in psychology and was more in line with that of coaching. So he transformed his career to suit were he saw the need, and where he felt most emotionally connected.

Learned About Self: “…I have learned so much about myself…I think one of the most important things is that money matters. You can’t ignore it, but it’s really not that important. It’s only important if you ignore it, but if I had it to do over again, there are a lot of projects… I think I would have exited the corporate consulting a lot sooner. I think that it stopped me from working on things that could have been more meaningful. Projects like Never Binge Again. I think that I had something to prove way back when. I come from a family of seventeen psychologists and psychotherapists and counsellors and social workers, and I felt like I wanted to be the first guy that wasn’t just a country doctor. And I, I wanted to be able to prove that I was going to be able to succeed in business. And, it was kind of a waste of time, and I think I proved it, but… and I guess that I have these skills and that I can help other people with it, but in retrospect, there was a decade or so that I feel like I wasted my energy trying to be a big shot and having a jet-set corporate lifestyle, and having to fly to Tokyo and back for a one-hour meeting. And that took a lot out of me that didn’t give me all that much back, and there are some other corporations that I helped that I kind of wish I didn’t help.”


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To gain control of your perspective of food…

Envision: Think of a specific rule you would like to follow. Select your biggest food craving or trigger. When you have that, envision gaining control of it and seeing your life one year from now. Consider physical and emotional changes and implications. How has your life and relationship changed? “See if you can visualize a day in the life of yourself one year from now.”

Explore: Journal. Two columns: column one “What your life will look like in a year if you make a change,” column two “What life will be like if you keep doing what you’re doing.”

Execute: Draw the line in the sand and make a clear decision/commitment.


Advice to Listeners: “While you’re thinking about it, write down what your single worst food craving might be, and what one rule might have a dramatic impact on your life, if you’re willing to adopt it.”

Motivational Go-Do!

Make the decision to nix one thing from your diet that you know is bringing you down.


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Get Motivated to get Past Binge-Eating with Dr. Glenn Livingston, MM172

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