MM186– Limit Your Limiting Beliefs, Like Aaron Anastasi

MM186 – Limit Your Limiting Beliefs, Like Aaron Anastasi

Quote of the Day: “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. –Vincent van Gogh

Guest of the Day: Aaron Anastasi from southern California. Aaron holds a graduate degree from Princeton where he studied philosophy and psychology. He is the founder and coach of the internationally recognized Superior Singing Method an online singing lesson program that is extremely successful. With nearly ten million views and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Aaron has the number one singing/life lesson channel on YouTube. He is also a prominent life coach for clients in industry-leading roles, such as film directors, marine biologists, and TED Talks speakers. Aaron’s book The Voice of Your Dreams is due to release today, April 12th, 2016!

Passion: Helping people get past their limiting beliefs in order to live an authentic life.

Challenges: When it comes to Aaron’s singing program, he had to battle the imposter syndrome. He feared getting laughed off the Internet. When beginning his coaching program, he had to battle the same voice that was telling him he is a fraud. Aaron says, “So it was that same kind of ‘I don’t have what it takes kind of limiting voice.’” He experienced both internal and external battles. The first launch of the singing program was a complete failure. The program did not reach one person, which ignited all of his limiting beliefs. He had to reconnect with his true intentions and values to restart, restudy, and relaunch.

Learned About Self: “What I learned about myself…is that I create my reality with…what I believe about myself. And the thing is…is that it’s all made-up anyway. So all these limiting voices we have, and all these belief systems we have that we’re living our life on, they’re just made-up. And so, when I started making-up other things that were just as true or more true, and I started rehearsing those things and choosing to believe those, and acting as if those things were true, I started creating a different life. I didn’t realize… it was so much easier than I was making it.”

Suggested Resources:

To limit your limiting beliefs…

Envision: Get clarity on what you want with your life in order to move towards it.

Explore: Explore the limiting beliefs that come into your mind and capture them and how you think about them. Write these thoughts down and consider what is causing them, so you can explore them and figure out what to do with them.

Execute: Begin to redesign these beliefs. Get into action to destroy them because “All fear lives in the future.” Ask yourself: “Is this true?” Then, ask yourself: “What is as true or more true than this?” Write out the answers to this and begin redesigning these thoughts.

Advice to Listeners: “My final thoughts are this: Believe in your bigness, there’s more in you than you realize. If you understood what your potential and what your capacity was, there’s so much more life and there’s so much more possibility that you would see. So, no matter what limiting voices you have, or if you’ve redesigned any of these thoughts at this point, just choose to believe one thing: That you are capable of great things, and that there’s so much more in you than you currently realize, and so, just function as if that were true.”

Motivational Go-Do!

“The Truth About You” List: Make a list of the compliments people give you to combat the negative ones you tell yourself. Very specific truths that combat very specific lies you tell yourself – this will help you redesign your inner thoughts. (Listen to the episode for examples.)

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Twitter and Instagram: Aaron Anastasi

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CLICK HERE to listen to Aaron’s interview.

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