MM187- Don’t Give Up on Your Passion, Just Get Creative, Like Kylie Travers

MM187- Don’t Give Up on Your Passion, Just Get Creative, Like Kylie Travers

Quote of the Day: “I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become.” –Carl Jung

Guest of the Day: Australian Kylie Travers is a writer and a single-mom, as well as the CEO of the social media influencer marketing company Occasio.

Passion: Since Kylie was a child, she has had a passion for travel.

Challenges: Kylie’s challenge living her passion for travel included domestic violence, homelessness, and being the single mother of two children. She says, “To begin with, it was a challenge to leave my kids.” Another challenge she continues to struggle with is getting her ex-husband to sign the paperwork needed for her children to get their passports. She also experienced an illness that caused paralysis for a period of time.

Learned About Self: “I think I’m a lot more resilient than I ever thought I was. I know as a teenager I struggled a lot, and as a young married woman, I struggled a lot with my self-esteem and my self-image, and pursuing my passions was a big thing for me. I also found it really hard to stand up for myself, I guess, and go after what I wanted. And so, travel really opened that up for me.” Kylie adds, “I think I learned exactly what I wanted in life, and that it’s OK to go after it. I was raised Mormon. And so, I was taught from a young age that you grow up, you get married young, you have children, you’re a stay-at-home mom, you tend not to do a whole lot…but I always wanted more.” Kylie learned that living a life that was truer to her, one that meant leaving an abusive marriage, one that included more than just parenthood, and one that incorporated her passion for travel, she could be happy and depression-free.

Suggested Resources:

To incorporate more travel into your life…

Envision: Create a vision board of the places you want to go. Include pictures of people in the images, visualize yourself being the people in the images.

Explore: Get creative: Look at how you can attend conferences and business meetings in locations you would like to visit. Then explore how you can maximize your time there to encourage further travel. For Kylie, it was writing for a travel blog.

Execute: Write a step-by-step action plan of everything you need to do to accomplish your goal using the SMART Goal approach: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound. Every day commit to doing three of these things.

Advice to Listeners: “…no matter what happens in your life, you can create the life that you want. And, if you want to travel, you can do it. It’s just working out how you’re going to be able to do it, and then executing it. And also, always be open to opportunities. Another one of my favorite quotes is ‘Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.’ And, I’m a big believer, if you set the goals and start your plan in action, while it might not always go exactly as you planned, so many opportunities will present themselves, if you’re prepared to jump on them when they come.”

Motivational Go-Do!

Go get travel magazines, cut out the pictures, put them up, and make the decision that you are going to go there. Do some writing when you get back and see what you can do with that.

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Don’t Give Up on Your Passion, Just Get Creative, Like Kylie Travers, MM187

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